Commercial Card Solutions

Increase your control, enhance visibility and reduce risk associated with business spend. Sound good? Then take a look at our Commercial Card, it’ll give you the control you are looking for.

The basics

A Commercial Card, (also known as a Purchasing Card or 'P-Card'), is a type of credit card used by organisations for the payment of goods and services.

It allows you to purchase goods and services quickly and easily, as cardholders can complete transactions directly with suppliers, (no requisition process), reducing transaction costs and improving the way transactions are monitored and reported.

Watch: Maintaining control and managing risk 

Clint Easthorpe (consultant for Mastercard) talks about maintaining control and reducing risk with a P-Card program.

Watch: Reduce costs

Clint Easthorpe (consultant for Mastercard) talks about how a P-Card program can reduce your business costs.

Why use Commercial Cards?

In today’s economic climate many organisations have identified and realised all the direct cost savings they can make.

Now they are utilising technology to help streamline and automate previously manual processes. With a heightened focus on procurement, organisations are demanding improved control of business expenditure. Procurement cards are now commonplace as a tool to reduce process costs and improve control over low-value, high-volume procurement spending.

How and where are Commercials Cards used?

Purchasing processes were historically built around managing high value spending (cost of goods sold, inputs and capital expenditure). This usually involves many steps including requisition, procurement, supplier, receiving and payables processes.

But not all types of spend warrant this process. Non-strategic, low-value, high-volume spend related to maintenance, repair, operational, travel, entertainment and sundry expenses require a simpler, more cost-effective approach. This is where P-Cards can deliver real efficiency gains, while maximising visibility and control.

Below is a table that describes typical procurement strategies and demonstrates where P-Cards are best utilised to realise optimum value.


Watch: What kind of transactions are best suited on a Card program?

Clint Easthorpe (consultant for Mastercard) chats to us...

Why Westpac?

Our Commercial Card program is different because we don’t just issue cards. We’ll work with your organisation to build goals and objectives around your programme and we’ll review those regularly with you.

Those goals might be to eliminate the use of petty cash, manage preferred supplier invoice processing, or reduce the number of low cost invoices out of accounts payable.

Whatever those goals are, a well-executed Commercial Card program can streamline your procure to pay process giving you greater visibility and spend control, while improving efficiencies and process cost savings.

How? Through automation.

Automation replaces manual process and paper work.

Your organisation can move away from the guesswork of accruals and deal with actuals – and all done with the peace of mind that risk and exposure is eliminated.

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