Corporate Online banking

We offer a high quality, secure and constantly evolving online banking platform, providing our clients with flexibility, safety and unparalleled support.


Westpac Corporate Online is an internet-based electronic platform offering one point of entry to a suite of online transactional services specifically designed for major New Zealand, Australian and international corporations and government bodies.

The future of transactional banking

Our current delivery of electronic capability is amongst the best, and will only improve further. Our electronic solutions have proven their value to our business clients throughout Australasia.


Corporate Online delivers business-critical services, giving you multiple transactional banking benefits:


  1. View your accounts status online at a glance, with real-time balances and transactions
  2. Manage staff member access so they can only see and action those functions you choose - or even be restricted to specific times during business hours
  3. Take advantage of Corporate Online's best of breed security - with 128bit encryption and SecurID® Tokens.


  • Monitor your accounts whenever you require, wherever you are. Corporate Online's flexible internet-based access especially suits distributed workforces or travelling authorisers
  • Add services or users as your business grows
  • Allow key third parties access to streamline communication.


  • Minimise IT overheads for specialised equipment, upgrades, and backups compared to internet-based solutions
  • See your staff get straight to work - Corporate Online tasks and workflow have been carefully designed to make it easy and quick to take action
  • Simplify establishing access and managing passwords to Westpac services, through use of a single sign in.
Features & services

Corporate Online

Corporate Online's suite of transactional banking services allows you the flexibility to select the modules that suit your organisation.

The following are our core services, with more to be added progressively.

View an at-a–glance summary of all your accounts, then drill down to details. Your balances and transactions are automatically updated and displayed in real time and you can export data to your own systems in a choice of formats.


Create and action payments of all types online, including international payments, and direct entry files, then view and track their progress through the payment process in real time.


View these realtime, including detailed receivables data, with the ability to export.

Online FX

View your FX deals as they happen, get live quotes, and confirm settle and authorise deals online. You can also customise your information display to see exactly what you want.


Access strategic information, economic insights and financial forecasting. Tap into rates, prices research daily highlights news and charts, all from one screen.


Manage staff access to Corporate Online – create amend and suspend as duties change.

Top security

Corporate Online uses the latest encryption technologies to protect your data. A secure 128-bit SSL session is established between your computer and Westpac. An extra level of security is provided for authorising changes or making high value payments using the secureID® token.

Corporate Online Product Brochure

Download the Corporate Online Product Brochure (PDF)

Terms and conditions

The Corporate Online Banking terms and conditions can be downloaded below: