Through our partnership with SeniorNet, we’re aiming to help customers to build up their confidence with banking technology. 

About the partnership

SeniorNet is a community training network that supports and motivates Kiwis aged 50+ to use and enjoy technology in their everyday lives. We’ve partnered up with SeniorNet to help customers make the most of current and future banking technologies.

We’ll be running fun and interactive workshops at all SeniorNet learning centres throughout the country, helping those over 50 to become familiar with banking technology such as internet banking, mobile banking and making deposits and withdrawals using our Smart ATMs.

This partnership is focused on “helping to dispel some myths about banking, and helping any New Zealander over 50 get the hang of the options when it comes to banking”.

Attending a workshop may not only help to make banking easier for customers, but it’ll also mean that they’ll be able to make the most of their banking from the comfort of their own homes.


For more information

To find out more about SeniorNet or to get involved, visit or pop into your local Westpac branch.