What are the real challenges and rewards of being an aspiring female leader today? Here are some resources we’ve collated on various topics that affect modern women. Gain insight and inspiration from local and international articles, videos and through detailed research findings and reports. 

Articles and websites of note

International Articles


Time Magazine:

The state of the American Woman: Growing Female Economic Power Is Widely Accepted.

Harvard Business Review blog:

China: Where the Race for Talent Is Tight, Women Gain Speed 

For Women Leaders: Likability and Success Hardly Go Hand-in-Hand

New York Magazine:

Shine Theory: Why Powerful Women Make the Greatest Friends

Citi Bank (US)

'Women and Co' blog - infographic

Huffington Post:

Stay at home parenting: How do you define success? 

Puget Business Journal:

Silicon Valley: Why aren’t women leaning into tech jobs?

New York Times:

Women and technology: Tech Career Advice From Google’s Women

Gender debate in Asia: China’s Entrenched Gender Gap

The Atlantic:

Can men be victims of sexism? When Men Experience Sexism

LA Times:

US Study: Moms are top or solo breadwinner in 40% of households.

The Daily Beast:

Study: 60 percent of women from prestigious schools work, compared to 68 percent of other women: Top Degree-Earning Women More Likely To Stay Home


Social media use by gender:  Women Collaborating With Social Media More Than Men

Lean In:

Tertiary graduates: Sheryl Sandberg to Graduates: ‘You Are the Hope for a More Equal Future’


Female role models: In Death as in Life, Trailblazing Women Are Trivialized

Forbes Magazine:

An important list: Most powerful women to watch in 2014

The Daily Beast:

Female CEO of Yahoo: Is Marissa Mayer Overscrutinised?

McKinsey and Company:

The progress women have made in reaching the executive suite: Women Matter

International Monetary Fund:

Economic benefits of closing gender gap: Empowering Women Is Smart Economics

Kare 11 (US News Channel):

Women in sport: Griner (NBA player) tryout offer raises questions of gender equality

Marie Claire


Washington Post:

Economic Times:

New Dehi: 'Narendra Modi woos woman power'

Key Websites

New Zealand:

Rural Women NZ

The National Advisory Council on the Employment of Women (NACEW)


World Bank - Gender 

Calvert Foundation project

Booz and Co

Women in the world foundation

Research and reports

Statistics NZ: Key statistics about New Zealand women

Employers and Manufacturers Association NZ: Exploring the Gender Pay/Earnings Differential in New Zealand  

The World Bank: World Development Report on Gender Equality and Development 2012

Grant Thornton International Business Report 2013: Women in senior management - Setting the stage for growth (PDF)

Ernst and Young: Women in the next emerging market (PDF)

Babson College Global Research (PDF) 

Harvard Business Review article on Booz & Company research: How can countries increase women’s economic participation?

McKinsey and Company research: Dominic Barton: Key findings from our latest research on women executives

Video resources

TED talk: Sheryl Sandberg - Why we have too few women leaders (2010) - watch

TED talk: The power of women - TEDxWomen organizers share their thoughts on talks past (2012) - watch

TED talk: 7 TEDxTalks from women making change to get you ready for TEDxWomen - watch

TED talk: Gayle Tzemach Lemmon: Women entrepreneurs, example not exception - watch

TED talk: Cameron Russell: Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model (2013) - watch

Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead. Author Sheryl Sandberg in Conversation with Eric Schmidt (2013) - watch

CNN Money: Warren Buffett sits down with Fortune Magazine's Pattie Sellers to discuss the changing landscape for women in business (2013) - watch

Arianna Huffington's Smith College Commencement Address (2013) - watch

Wheelock College: Mary Robinson's Commencement Speech (2011) - watch

Online Why Women Make Better Business Leaders (2013) - watch

Sucess Magazine: Seth Godin on Women in Leadership (2011) - watch

Whitehouse: First Lady Michelle Obama Addresses Young African Women Leaders (2011) - watch

Helen Clark's Valedictory (2009) - watch

World Economic Forum: An Insight, An Idea with Marissa Mayer (2013) - watch

Booz and Company: The Third Billion: Empowering Women, Powering the Global Economy (2012) - watch



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