Local Community Fund

Last year, we launched a local community fund to enhance our response to local issues.

Our branches around the country supported a wide range of causes including environmental projects, local schools, budgeting services and health and wellbeing services, by making donations, fundraising, facilitating collections and volunteering their time.

Helping local budgeting services

Our South and East Auckland branches have worked closely with the Mangere Budgeting Services, which provide the lower socio economic community with a full package of tools to help families out of health and financial strain. Not only does the service help people with managing their financials and food donations, they also offer cooking lessons to teach people how to make healthier affordable meal options and accompany people to the supermarket to educate them on how to purchase cheaper and healthier food items.

The Service had been receiving record requests for food parcels over winter so the branches rallied together to collect as many food donations as they could. They collectively accumulated over ten boxes of food items to donate. To further demonstrate their support, Westpac Pukekohe decided that as part of their new branch opening event, they’d award the Mangere Budgeting Services with a $1,000 donation to help them keep doing good work for the community. Westpac will continue their support and relationship with Mangere Budgeting Services and are looking for further opportunities to give back. Most recently, the branches have rallied together to collect toys for families who can’t afford to buy Christmas presents for their children.