2020 Sustainability Strategy

Helping our customers financially to grow a better New Zealand.

Our 2020 Sustainability Strategy focuses on addressing significant issues that we have the ability to influence. Through talking to and listening to our people, our key stakeholders, partners and peers, we heard we need to be bolder and more vocal on the key issues facing New Zealand, and that we need to tackle these with a shared-value approach and through more integration of sustainability into the way we do business.

Helping NZ manage money icon

Helping New Zealanders manage money

To empower New Zealanders to achieve their financial goals whatever their life stage by helping them make better financial decisions every day.


  1. Help New Zealanders build financial confidence and wellbeing. 
  2. Help New Zealanders save more.
Taking action on climate change icon

Taking action on climate change

New Zealanders care about the environment and climate change is the biggest environmental issue we face.


  1. Measure, manage and report our footprint and encourage our customers, suppliers and employees to do the same. 
  2. Help our customers, suppliers and employees manage their risks and take advantage of the opportunities that relate to climate change. 
  3. Build in climate change risk and opportunity to our lending and investment decisions

Doing the right thing

We must do the right thing by our customers, suppliers, communities, people and environment.


  1. Continue to focus on improving the efficiency and positive impact of our business. 
  2. Be transparent- report material non-financial data. 
  3. Be responsive to stakeholder concerns.


To help us focus on what really matters to New Zealand, a panel of external stakeholder advises us and guides our approach. The Westpac New Zealand Executive Team oversee our strategy and regularly review our progress towards our goals.