2020 Sustainability Strategy

Helping our customers financially, to grow a better New Zealand.

Our 2020 Sustainability Strategy focuses on addressing significant issues that we have the ability to influence. Our people, stakeholders, partners and peers, asked us to be bolder and more vocal about the key issues facing New Zealand. They want us to tackle these with a shared-value approach by integrating sustainability more fully into the way we do business.

Helping NZ manage money icon

Toitū te pūtea

Growing New Zealanders' financial wellbeing

We want all New Zealanders to be financially secure and independent, enabling them to reach their full potential.

Increased economic participation and inclusive prosperity is beneficial to all. One in four New Zealand children live in low-income homes, which can mean lower levels of education, poorer health and higher rates of criminal offending in adulthood. Growing poverty leads to poor social outcomes, which reduces prosperity.


  • Grow financial capability

Provide financial education and help our customers manage their money better.

  • Grow financial independence

Help New Zealanders participate in the economy and grow their wealth.

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Toitū te whenua

Taking action on climate change

We want to lead New Zealand’s transition to a resilient, zero-carbon economy for the benefit of all Kiwis.

Climate change is a major threat to the planet and humanity, our economy and wellbeing. Tackling this threat means being more efficient with the resources we use to steadily reduce our emissions. Taking action on climate change also presents opportunities – for new jobs, new technologies and new services. Our role as a bank is to help create a financial system that directs more funds towards sustainable purposes.


  • Reduce our carbon footprint

Measure, manage and report our footprint and encourage our customers, suppliers and employees to do the same.

  • Help New Zealand take action on climate change

Build in climate change risk and opportunity to our lending and investment decisions, and help our customers, suppliers and employees take action on climate change.

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Toitū te tangata

Caring for our people and communities

We want to help create thriving New Zealand communities and a workforce and society where everyone feels valued.

Many New Zealand businesses are not as reflective of the diversity of New Zealand’s society as they could be. We know that as a large business, employer and corporate citizen we have the responsibility to care for our people and communities, which we have been part of for more than 150 years.

We touch the lives of more than 1.3 million customers, 4,500 employees and wider communities nationwide. As a member of New Zealand society, we aim to use our position to care for and build resilience in our people and communities.


  1. Support New Zealand communities
  2. Promote an inclusive workforce and society
  3. Source our goods and services responsibly


To help us focus on what really matters to New Zealand, a panel of external stakeholder advises us and guides our approach. The Panel is chaired by Nick Main and includes Emeline Afeaki-Mafile’o, Sir Rob Fenwick, Rangimarie Hunia, Sam Johnson, Phil O’Reilly and Dr Jan Wright.

​In addition to our Sustainability Advisory Panel our strategy is overseen by our Sustainability Steering Committee, comprised of our CEO, Executive Team and Chief Economist.

Our governance structure helps us to ensure sustainability is overseen at the highest levels of our organisation and embedded throughout our everyday operations.