Willie Apiata

Westpac ambassador since 2014.

Willie Apiata is a quintessential Kiwi - hardworking, humble and honest. It’s these qualities, honed in his home town of Te Kaha and through his career in the New Zealand Army, which led him to performing one of New Zealand’s most heroic acts of bravery.

In 2004 he was awarded the honourable Victoria Cross of New Zealand for the role he played in a firefight in Afghanistan. In 2008, Apiata donated his VC to the NZSAS Trust, so that "the medal is protected for future generations".

His truly incredible story of courage, brotherhood and survival inspires Kiwi’s to be more community-minded and to treasure our loved-ones. This admirable attitude is why he is widely regarded as one of the most trusted New Zealanders.

Willie has worked alongside Westpac since 2014 to foster strong, supportive communities and mentor youth to become great leaders. Willie also represents New Zealand on the global stage, inspiring our sports teams, soldiers and attending official events.

Westpac is extremely proud to work with Willie to inspire New Zealand’s future leaders,support our communities and to help us grow a better New Zealand for future generations.