The New Zealand War Memorial Museum - Le Quesnoy, France

Westpac has been helping New Zealand grow for over 150 years and we believe in celebrating the history of our country. We're proud to support the exciting project to create a New Zealand War Memorial Museum in Le Quesnoy, France, which will remember and commemorate Kiwis’ contributions in both World Wars.

Through this partnership, Westpac will help the Museum in building awareness of one of New Zealand's great untold stories - the 135 courageous heroes who lost their lives liberating the town of Le Quesnoy, France, in World War One. The town has never forgotten the brave men from the other side of the world who liberated them in the final weeks of the War. With the only way into the town being to scale the eight-metre high medieval ramparts that circled it, and whilst under intense German fire, the men used a ladder to scale the wall in single file and stormed into Le Quesnoy. The Germans surrendered and not a single civilian died.

To find out more about The Museum Project visit the New Zealand War Memorial Museum website.

To read more about the liberation of Le Quesnoy visit the New Zealand History website.