Attitude Awards

We’re excited to be a part of the annual Attitude Awards, recognising the achievements of people living with disability, from unsung heroes to world champions.


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The Attitude Awards invite everyone to acknowledge the hundreds of thousands of people who live with disability. The annual Attitude Awards, held at the Auckland Viaduct Events Centre, is a spectacular black tie event where awards are presented across seven categories to people whose extraordinary talents have often not been recognised by society. The awards salute artists, sportsmen and women, people with intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities and mental health issues, young and old. They also pay tribute to the employers who work alongside people with disabilities to ensure they are able to contribute their skills to society and live full and satisfying lives.

First held in 2008 the Attitude Awards are the only national awards that celebrate achievement in the disability sector across all disabilities. The Trust aims to draw media attention to the 17% of New Zealand’s population who live with a disability and are intended to support the New Zealand Government’s objectives of a fully inclusive society.