6 March 2013

Westpac is supporting the growth and development of New Zealand women leaders in a new partnership with the New Zealand Leadership Institute.

The Westpac Leaders Fellowship has been launched to provide support for three aspiring New Zealand women leaders to attend the Institute’s flagship Mindset Programme each year, for the next three years.

General Manager Human Resources, Su Duffey, said Westpac has a strong internal record of supporting and developing women leaders and now wants to extend that beyond the business through The Westpac Leaders Fellowship.

“Women leaders make an important contribution to Westpac NZ and we believe in the value their contribution has on the performance and culture of a business,” she said.

“This is about supporting and helping future leaders who can contribute to New Zealand realise their potential. Any aspiring woman leader, no matter what area she works in, can apply to become a fellow.”

The Leadership Mindset Programme is designed for people seeking something more than a skill building approach to leadership development in order to proactively respond to the more expansive and uncertain leadership challenges ahead. Informed by cutting edge Institute and global research, the programme anchors leadership in the ways you approach problems, work with the complexities of situations, engage with those around you and develop your own and other’s capacity beyond your current performance.

This programme can help equip you for the next stage of your career. If you are required now, or will need to take up a more encompassing leadership role within your organisation or wider context, this programme could work for you.

Joline Francoeur, New Zealand Leadership Institute’s Director of Leadership Development, is encouraged by the proactive role Westpac is choosing to play in the development of women’s leadership beyond their own organisation.

“The Leadership Mindset Progamme integrates the wealth of experience and knowledge that each person brings with a unique development approach that provides a powerful learning environment amongst the participants,” she said.

“By supporting the development of three women leaders through this programme each year Westpac is creating an extended network of support and growth for women in leadership that goes beyond the programme.”

Applications will close on May 31st and the first intake of fellows is expected to be confirmed in late July. They will attend the NZ Leadership Institute’s Mindset Programme starting on August 27th.

One third of Westpac’s executive team is female, more than 40% of their direct reports are female and 42% of all leaders in the business are women. Westpac also supports organisations such as Dress for Success and Global Women that are focused on helping women realise their potential.

 For more information and to apply, check out the Westpac Leaders Fellowship page.