9 February 2010

Westpac celebrates the Year of the Tiger

On February 14, the Chinese community here and around the world will celebrate the arrival of the year of the Tiger. In accordance with Chinese belief and culture, the Tiger sign represents ‘courage’, a character trait which may be helpful in the coming year, says Westpac New Zealand’s Head of Migrant Banking, Yen Yap.

“The global recession of 2009 has made it a difficult year for many of us. Now that we are seeing some signs of economic recovery, we wish our Chinese clients and the wider Chinese community good fortune and prosperity in 2010,” says Mr Yap.

“While we farewell the Year of the Ox, we see our clients have taken to heart the precept of “Prosperity through hard work”. Even as the New Year brings a change in outlook, those sentiments remain a sound and solid foundation for growth.”

Mr Yap says the year of The Tiger heralds a time when drama, intensity and change will be the keywords.

“Some believe that of all the Chinese horoscope signs, the Tiger is one to be active - to seize opportunities and make the most of personal and individual talents. Westpac itself has been in New Zealand since 1861 and we have a vast amount of history to call upon. We will be looking to apply that experience to benefit our customers in line with our commitment to help them make the most of life,” says Mr Yap.

Westpac maintains one of the largest migrant banking teams in New Zealand. With 45 dedicated staff, experienced in both financial matters and understanding the particular needs of migrants, Mr Yap says his team is keen to help customers prosper in the year of the Tiger and beyond.

Westpac will celebrate Chinese New Year with a lion dance ceremony outside its branch and Migrant banking headquarters at 79 Queen Street, Auckland, on Monday 15th February, 12 noon.