16 April 2010

Westpac appoints new Treasurer

Westpac New Zealand Limited announces the appointment of experienced banker Jim Reardon to a newly created role of Treasurer, leading Westpac’s Treasury team.

Westpac’s Chief Financial Officer, Richard Jamieson says the new Treasurer will lead the Treasury team which is responsible for managing the WNZL balance sheet, WNZL’s access to on-shore and offshore wholesale markets and WNZL’s liquidity management.

“Jim brings very significant experience to this role, both in New Zealand and overseas in a range of organisations including ANZ, ING and most recently, the Bank of Scotland. He joins us after spending over four years in the role of Head of Derivatives Trading at the Bank of Scotland in London. Prior to that, Jim was responsible for establishing a Treasury unit in the Bank of Scotland in Australia.”

Jim Reardon will be based in Auckland and he joins Westpac on Monday, 19 April.