COVID-19: Repayment Assistance for Businesses

We understand these are unprecedented times and there is a lot of uncertainty due to COVID-19. We want to support our customers, so if you’re facing difficulty making payments on your loan(s), you may be able to defer your loan principal and interest repayments.

This repayment assistance is only available for existing Westpac customers with an annual turnover of less than NZ$250,000 and who currently have a Floating Business Term Loan or a Floating Equipment Finance Loan (excluding FlexEquip). This temporary deferral option is not currently available for fixed term loans (including Wholesale Term Loans).

Please fill out the form below if you would like to apply for a 3-month repayment deferral.

Important information

Because interest will continue to accumulate on your loan while your repayments are deferred, this interest will be added to your loan balance and the amount you owe on your loan will increase. This means you will pay more in the long term.

Your regular loan repayments will increase at the end of your loan repayment deferral. If you would prefer to extend your term and keep your regular repayments the same, we can discuss this option with you before the end of your repayment assistance. You do have the option to make a lump sum reduction to bring your loan back into line with the original terms.

You can contact us at any time during the repayment deferral period to reinstate your repayments.

You will need your loan account number to complete the information below. This can be found on your online banking or your loan statements.

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By submitting this form:

  • You confirm you are acting on behalf of all the borrowers of the loan.
  • You agree we can communicate with you in relation to this request by email to the email address you have provided above.
  • You acknowledge and agree that you are permitting Westpac to collect, store, use and share your personal information in accordance with Westpac’s Privacy Policy.
  • You acknowledge that even though your repayments will be reduced on your loan for 3 months, you will pay more in the long term.

Please click 'Submit your request' only once. It could take up to 10 seconds for the form to submit.