We're still in this together

Kiwi businesses have shown remarkable resilience through the COVID-19 pandemic but we know there are still challenges ahead.  We’ll continue to support you, no matter where you are on your journey.

Here we’ve put together some resources and information to help you and your business succeed.

  • Make sure you get paid

    Chasing debt can be frustrating and it’s sometimes easy to put it off. However, following up unpaid accounts could help you increase your cash flow.

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  • Improving cash flow

    There are many ways to free up cash within your business to improve your cash flow. Completing a cash flow forecast helps you gain a clearer picture of what actions you need to take next.

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  • Creating value in your business

    Growing the value of your business is about making strategic decisions that have a lasting effect. The aim is to create value in a sustainable way.

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  • Growing your business online

    E-commerce can increase the potential of the traditional small business bricks-and-mortar model. As online shopping continues to rise in popularity, having a digital presence is essential for generating business and communicating with customers.

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  • Finding the perfect pricing strategy

    Setting the right price is critical to maximising revenue. With a little economics you can figure out what you should be charging for your business’ products or services.

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  • Free business tools*

    Having templates can make it easier to get moving on some of the more complex tasks of business planning.

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