Banking from home

We encourage you to explore the range of ways you can bank with us from home. 

Westpac One® online banking

The quickest and easiest way to carry out your daily banking is to use Westpac One online banking on your computer or device.

You can use this to keep an eye on your balance, transfer funds, set up and manage payments or apply a block to your card if it goes missing and order a new one.

If you're not set up for Westpac One sign up here.

Helpful video guides

Westpac One password reset

If you've forgotten your Westpac One password, visit the Westpac One login page and click on the 'Forgot your password' link.

You can also follow the steps on this video or check out our How to guide.

How to make a payment

Paying someone has never been made easier. Regardless of the type of payment you want to make paying someone or settling a bill, you can do this in Westpac One.

Watch this video and follow the steps or check out our How to guide.

Phone banking

Phone Banking offers you a wide range of banking services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Simply follow the voice guide and use the keys on your phone to find out your balance, review recent transactions, transfer money and pay bills or your credit card.

Call 0800 172 172 to use phone banking. If you’re a first time user and you have a mobile number registered with the bank, you can follow the voice guide to access phone banking in a few easy steps.

Contact centre

Our customer service team is available on 0800 400 600 to answer your banking queries seven days a week.

Please be aware call volumes may be higher than normal at the moment. Thank you for your patience.

Financial support

If you’ve been financially affected by Covid-19, we have a range of ways we can help you.

Personal and business customers can contact us on 0800 606 606. It may take longer to answer your call than normal due to high call volumes.