Carolyn Kidd, Chief Risk Officer

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As Westpac New Zealand’s Chief Risk Officer, Carolyn sees her role as ensuring Westpac NZ maintains it status as a trustworthy and secure institution. This means keeping customers’ money safe and secure.

She and her team make sure the bank can lend responsibly to customers, help fight against fraudulent activities, maintain high levels of financial security, and protect customers’ deposits.

Carolyn says banks play an important wider societal role in keeping customers’ money secure and helping protect the New Zealand economy in the event of a global financial downturn.

Managing risk successfully means a bank can make competitive offers on products like loans and deposits. These help to deliver the best outcomes for customers, and allow them to plan a future that includes the things that are important to them, as well as building confidence and resilience in the financial markets.

Prior to returning to Westpac NZ as its Chief Risk Officer, Carolyn worked for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia Group in banking and insurance, holding Chief Risk Officer roles, both in New Zealand and in Australia.

Carolyn holds a BA from the University of Auckland and a Diploma of Banking from Massey University.