Finding space for a home office

The way we live and work has been permanently changed by the pandemic, here's how to make a home office.

Opinion: Treasury still sees house prices rising steadily

The key point to note is that Treasury is not forecasting house prices falling over the next five years.

Inside the Hawke’s Bay beeswax wraps startup that’s gone international

Inside the roller-coaster journey of launching, cracking the U. S. market and surviving Covid.

Te Waiu o Aotearoa Trust Scholarships Announced

The Trust has announced the recipients of its 2021 tertiary study scholarships.

More than 50% of building consents are now for apartment-style housing

The new figures are indicative of the changing residential landscape across New Zealand.

Sharing the Load could boost economy by $1.5billion

If men did more unpaid work at home, including housework and caring for family, it could boost the economy.

Opinion: Watch for seasonal change in house sales data

There is a greater chance than not that any changes to sales numbers or prices will be because of normal season changes.

What’s your driveway worth? How to monetize your carpark

If you have a carpark or driveway that’s vacant during parts of the day, you could be earning a monthly income by renting it out.

Photo of Westpac NZ CEO David McLean

Customers' success is retiring CEO's proudest achievement

McLean is retiring on June 25, after 22 years in various roles with the bank.

Extensions: Add a level or extend underneath?

The cheapest way to get more space is horizontally, if you have enough room on your section and local restrictions allow it.