Photo of property manager

OPINION: Rental property management comes under Government spotlight

Diving into property management.

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What the median house value really buys you

REDnews has taken a deep dive into the figures for property type and number of rooms.

The dos and don'ts of teaching kids about money

We teach our kids reading, writing and maths, but what about money skills? 

Photo of the New Start Westpac team

Helping released prisoners reintegrate with 'New Start' bank accounts

The New Start scheme is the first of its kind in New Zealand.

Photo of Professor Hayward

Woman of Influence Bronwyn Hayward looks to youth as climate leaders

Professor Hayward won the Women of Influence Supreme Award.

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Leaving an abusive relationship: Making it easy to set up a bank account

Westpac has an Extra Care Team of specialists who help vulnerable customers.

Climate leader Bronwyn Hayward named supreme Woman of Influence

See the full list of 2021 Women of Influence Award winners.

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Kiwis consider moving out of main cities as housing dreams change

New Zealanders want better lifestyles.

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Pet Refuge: Inside the safe haven for animals escaping family violence

The refuge has already sheltered 76 pets.

Photo of Auckland

OPINION: Don’t read too much into early property sales data

Commentators are quick to forecast where residential property prices will go.