What Kiwi women want in today’s workforce

What Kiwi women want in today’s workforce

New Zealand women rank a good work/life balance as the most important factor when it comes to their job, according to the annual Salary and Employment Insights Survey by recruitment agency Hudson New Zealand.

The extensive survey asked 4,921 employers and 5,853 employees across six sectors in New Zealand and Australia about their salaries, as well as questions around employee engagement, loyalty and job seeking behaviour.

While work-life balance is the number one priority for women, men would rather have interesting and fulfilling job content.
Hudson New Zealand Associate Director of Financial Services Sarah White says the outcome is understandable as women are often the main caregivers for their children, and require a more balanced lifestyle to juggle both worlds effectively.

That also flows into another key priority for women: job security. White says women are concerned that if they were to lose a job that provided them with the work/life balance and flexibility they need, it might not be easy to replace.

White says companies are starting to see that it’s not all about the working week any more, particularly for females.

“Organisations are acknowledging that there are requirements for people not to just be at work all hours of the day, whether it’s for children or for other things they do.”

Another interesting priority for women is ensuring their personal values are aligned with the values of the company they work for.

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