Connecting corporate mums

Sarah Moyes
Connecting corporate mums

As Co-Founder of Corporate Mothers Network, Rebecca Armour was recently named a finalist in the Community category for the 2014 Women of Influence awards. Sarah Moyes talked to her to find out a bit more about what inspired her to start the Network and what it aims to achieve.

It’s no secret that being a mother is hard work, but how about throwing a high-powered corporate job into the mix as well?

Making the decision to return to work after having children can be difficult and will often bring up feelings of guilt or uncertainty; this is followed by the daunting and scary transition back into the corporate world.

But with some support from other working mums and some tools to help cope with daily demands, the process doesn’t have to be so overwhelming.

The Corporate Mothers Network, launched at the beginning of 2013, is helping women advance their careers by providing networking events that fit into a working mother’s schedule.

Rebecca Armour always knew she would return to work after having children.

Rebecca Armour Kate NZ Herald

Rebecca (left) with co-founder Kate Davies. Photo credit: NewspixNZ.

“I thought it would be a breeze to slip right back into my job.”

But six months into maternity leave with her first child Jack, now four and a half, Armour began to realise that it wasn’t as easy as she’d thought it would be.

“It can be a real knock to your confidence when you’ve had time out from work. It’s important that women on leave still feel connected with the corporate world. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to set this up,” Armour says.

Armour also recognised the unique pressures that mothers face when trying to forge a career while also caring for a family. So together with friend Kate Davies, the pair started up the Corporate Mothers Network to support other mums in similar situations.

A tax director for KPMG, Armour works three days a week in the city, and spends the other two days at home looking after Jack and 18-month-old Thomas.

Armour feels that the network offers support to women by enabling them to grow business relationships and share experiences. She also feels the network has helped her and other women learn invaluable tools to help cope with the demands of a busy corporate and family life.

The network holds monthly events, which alternate each month between a city venue and a suburb venue. The city events cater for mothers already back in the workforce to attend during lunchtimes. For mothers on maternity leave, the suburb events offer a full crèche so women can participate without worrying about their children. Every event has an inspiring guest speaker from different areas of expertise such as business and marketing, health and wellbeing, and much more.

The next networking event will be suburb based at Rawene Centre in Birkenhead on August 29. Life coach and psychotherapist Lynne Walder of Polkadot Coaching will be talking about how she helps mums create balanced, stress free and fulfilling lives.