Tips for moving house without the stress

Ryan Boyd
Tips for moving house without the stress

Moving house is exciting, but if you don’t take the time to get everything ready before move day, it can also be super stressful.

But if you can start doing a little each day a month out from the move, you’ll find it can be relatively straightforward.

Here are a few things you can do in that month to ensure your big move is as simple and stress free as possible.


Create a plan

Which rooms will you start with? What items can you live without for a short while? What supplies do you need?

To help you create a plan, Genesis Energy created a great printable moving checklist to ensure you have everything you need, like good quality boxes, scissors, tape, and marker pens, and also helps you create a list of things you need to pack in each room.



One way to make packing and unpacking easier is to have less things.

Now’s a great time to take a look at those books on the shelf, those old clothes, and anything else that’s collecting dust and donate or dump them. This is especially essential if you’re downsizing to somewhere with smaller floor size.

At the same time, measure your current appliances and furniture to make sure they will fit in their new locations. It will be annoying to lug a fridge into your new kitchen only to find it’s too big for the slot.


Start packing early

Packing is one of those jobs that takes way longer than you think, and not to mention it can be exhausting and stressful.

If you do a little bit every day for a month, one room at a time, starting with the things you’re not going to miss like books and off-season clothes, and just leave the essentials to the last moment, it will make the job way easier when the move day arrives.

Here’s a good list of packing tips to make sure the boxes are not going to be too heavy, fall apart, and are organised efficiently.  

And don’t forget to label the boxes so they can go straight to their correct room!  


Utilities and paperwork

When moving it can be easy to only focus on the packing side of things and forget about the utilities.

Internet, power, and water are all things you should prepare at least a month before the move. Sometimes these providers can be booked up, and you don’t want to be stuck waiting a month in your new place for Netflix.

Similarly, don’t rely on the new occupants to forward or return mail addressed to you. Instead make a list of all your frequent and important mailers, such as bank, IRD, doctors, and any memberships you may have, and update them with your new address.

You can also set up a temporary redirect with NZ Post if needed.


Book transport

Unless you want to make a thousand car trips back and forth, you will need a truck, either hired or via a moving company.

The bonus of using a moving company is they are fast, and do all the heavy lifting for you. Doing it yourself is slower and more taxing, but cheaper. But either way remember to book them in as soon as you know the moving date.



If possible, try and get a good day or so worth of time in the new place to give it a good clean (or hire a cleaner). It’s much easier when there’s no furniture, and will make the place feel more welcoming.