Three current interior design trends

Luke Parker
Three current interior design trends

Putting the finishing touches to your house with furnishings, lightshades, rugs, the right type of couch, the colour of cushions and all those other things to give it the look and feel you want requires a certain taste and sense of style. To help, REDnews will be running an occasional series asking some of New Zealand’s top interior designers to tell you some of the trends they are seeing here and overseas.

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Interior designer Hamish Dodd

Hamish Dodd has been an accomplished interior designer and landscaper for more than 20 years and has been giving Kiwis advice on TV for more than a decade. He trained in architectural design and studied landscaping in London. He returned home and set up a design business with his mother, interior designer Adrienne Dodd.

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He was a familiar face as the designer on the TV2 series ‘My House My Castle’ after working on other shows including ‘Home Sick’, ‘The Apprentice’ and ‘Ground Force’. Currently, you can catch him on Saturday mornings on RadioLive’s popular ‘Design and Build Show’ which he co-hosts.

The three current interior design trends Hamish is seeing in New Zealand are:

Homes now telling a story

I see us moving back to a lived-in interior rather than a sparse minimalistic one. Having things out on display that mean something to the owner and their family I feel is important. The key is to not have clutter but to let the home be a home and have things around that tell the story of the people who live there.

Fabrics and metals

Texture is back in a big way and we want to add glamour to our homes. We still have the industrial look to our architecture and interior structure, but our furniture is bold both in style and the choice of fabric we use and the patterns that appear on them. We see a lot of metal coming back into the home, not always in an antiqued finish but bright bronze, brass, gold and silver. Rather than black, a lot of depth can be added using navy blue.

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Indoor plants

The third thing I am seeing a lot of is the use of indoor plants. Mostly this is in the form of orchids; however, I like to add in the trusty palm to create a natural break in a room and to add a sense of nature coming indoors. This can be tricky as indoor plants are easy to kill with kindness so you'll want to do your research on how to care and maintain them.


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