10 affordable tips to add up to $60k to your property's value

Jessica Satherley
10 affordable tips to add up to $60k to your property's value

Before listing your property for sale, there are several low cost touch ups that could add $60,000 to its value.

From clearing out the clutter, to repainting the front door, you could make a $5,500 investment back tenfold.

Even if your makeover budget is less than $500, our compiled top 10 tips to add value to your property could still add a four-figure profit.


Front facelift: Cost: From $250 to $2,000 Value added: Up to $9,500

First impressions last and so does the first look at a property. Either paint the window frames if your house is brick or the whole front if timber (weatherboard) for an instant facelift.

If a re-paint isn’t quite necessary, invest in an exterior house wash.  A small house or unit can cost as little as $250 to wash and prices increase to around $400 for a medium to large house or up to $850 for an extra-large house.


Hire a storage unit: Cost: $240 per month Value added: Up to $2,000

Clearing out the clutter in your property will make it appear larger and cleaner, including inside the wardrobe and storage spaces. 

Barfoot & Thompson recommends hiring a storage unit to temporarily stock the items that don’t have a place in your home. Storage unit prices vary depending on size and location but a 9 square meter unit in Auckland would cost approximately $243 per month to rent.


Revamp the door: Cost: $150 Value added $1000

“Sanding and repainting your front door in a classic colour such as red or navy will give potential buyers a fitting welcome. If you want to attract younger buyers, take inspiration from interiors magazines or on-trend shades,” TV property guru Phil Spencer wrote in the Daily Mail. 

He also recommends buying a new brass doorknob and letterbox to match.


Clean up the garden: Cost: $0 to $400 Value added: Up to $9,500

Hiring a gardener and planting a mixture of new trees and flowers within your budget can have an outstanding effect on the overall landscape.

Or if you want to cuts costs completely, use your own elbow grease to mow the lawns, pull out the weeds and trim your own hedges.


Hang mirrors: Cost: From $200 Value added: $2,000

“A cramped entrance is instantly off-putting, but widening the hallway is expensive. Instead, create the illusion of more space by hanging mirrors and clear away bikes, coats, prams and shoes,” Location, Location, Location star Phil Spencer says. 

Obviously the cost of mirrors greatly varies from store to store so look for deals that fit within your budget.


Kitchen makeover: Cost: $400 Value added: $9,500

A minimalist makeover can do wonders to spruce up the kitchen, from replacing cupboard doors and handles, to buying new draw knobs.

If you have enough in the budget to replace old taps, this can also add value.


Bathroom transformation: Costs: $3,800 Value added: $13,500

Like the kitchen, the bathroom can also receive a restoration by changing cupboard doors and knobs. 

If the room needs plumbing work to fix leaks the cost can skyrocket, but with the remaining budget you can buy new taps, an improved shower head and/or glass screen for the shower.


Deep clean the carpet: Costs $70 Value added: Up to $9,000

Provided that your carpets aren’t damaged beyond repair, you can clean your own floors with a Rug Doctor for approximately $70.

Alternatively you could pay up to $200 for a professional deep clean on a medium-sized house.


Cushions and throws for style: Costs $400 Value added: $2,000

The interior design of your property will attract certain buyers.  Get inspiration from current magazines to add a bit of style to your living areas with a few decadent cushions and throws.

The cosy feel of the living space will help potential buyers imagine themselves living there.


Bonus cash for selling unwanted items: Costs: $0 Value: up to $2,000

Sell off your unwanted books, clothing, furniture and kids’ toys that are unused.  Look at Trade Me the sell used goods online.


*Estimates for value are a guide only and actual returns will depend on the original condition of the house, the quality of the improvements and many other factors. Talk to a real estate agent or valuer who can recommend the best ways to add value to your property before selling.

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