DIY and renovate the winter blues away

Ryan Boyd
DIY and renovate the winter blues away

It’s windy and rainy outside and you’re going to be indoors a lot anyway, so why not make good use of winter and take on a renovation project?

Plus, contractors are slightly less busy than usual, you won’t feel like you’re missing out on beach time, and if you plan to sell in spring, now’s the time to do some quick fixes to make it that bit more attractive.

Here are a few ideas on what you can do.


Focus on the indoors

“Well, obviously”, you may say, but just in case you don’t realise it, winter projects should be indoors focussed. No one wants their project dragged out because of endless wind and rain.



A fresh coat of paint can brighten up your home, and since you’re going to be using the heater anyway, you may as well use that warmth to help the paint dry super fast, meaning you can still do multiple top coats a day.



With less sunlight, you will notice your home’s lighting (or lack of) more in winter time, and having the right light fixtures can improve your living area’s look and feel.

Simply getting modern fixtures can really make your home feel fresh and trendy. Plus now’s a good time to change to energy efficient LED bulbs if you don’t have them considering you’ll be using more power over the colder months.

However, make sure you use a licensed electrician when dealing with exposed wires.



Few things can make a house feel warmer than soft, snuggly carpet beneath your feet.

If your home’s carpet is in need of a makeover, take advantage of winter sales and upgrade to a nicer cut.


Bathroom and kitchen

If you feel a little more ambitious, the two biggies are the more complex rooms in your house, the bathroom and kitchen.

Whether it’s replacing some old appliances, adding a colourful splashback, or installing an extractor fan, there are lots of smaller jobs you can do a large part yourself with a bit of help from an electrician or builder every now and again.

Of course you can also always gut these rooms and build new ones from scratch as well if you are really keen.

However, make sure you have an alternate shower option available, whether it be another one in your home, at work, or your neighbour’s. No one likes being smelly and cold.


Not sure where to start?

If you want a project but have a few questions, it pays to bring a builder in for a bit to take a look around and share their thoughts on what you can do yourself, what they can do, and what you can do together.