About to paint? New Spring/Summer 2019 colours

About to paint? New Spring/Summer 2019 colours

With spring in the air and many people’s minds turning to renovations, we spoke to Resene Colour Specialist Amy Watkins about the trends she’s seeing in colour and the trendy combinations coming through.

 New Colours for spring/ summer 2019

We are seeing the return of warm and organic colour pallets for this up and coming season.

The key styles that are emerging are called Japandi, and Hampton, which combine soft and warm neutrals with bold natural colours, and fuse Scandinavian greys with Japanese burgundy, forest greens, and deep blues.

These two styles are all about bringing the outdoors in, while encouraging light, warmth and an element of bold. Additionally, the colour pallets are versatile enough to work for your interior and exterior, creating a sense of harmony in a home.

Popular colours this season include dusty pinks and soft apricots, such as Resene Rascal, Resene Ruby Tuesday, and Resene Dawn Chorus.

These colours make for stunning statement walls and can also be used as accents for furniture or other decorations. Resene Elixir is a soft yellow green that can bring a natural, leafy feel to a room, and can be used in conjunction with warm neutrals like Resene Chalk Dust or Resene China Ivory.

For a bolder alternative, try Resene Ciderhouse with Resene Double Alabaster.

For a Hampton-style exterior try using a greyed blue like Resene Unwind or Resene Viktor with an off-white trim such as Resene Quarter Black White or Resene Quarter Rice Cake.

These are great options to set yourself apart from your neighbours and give a bit of wow factor.

Theo Resene Kitchen


How to go about picking your new colours?

It is so important to seek inspiration.

Look through magazines, on Pinterest and Instagram, or check out websites which are full of ideas such as www.habitatbyresene.co.nz

Even going for a walk around in your neighbourhood when looking for exterior colour schemes can be very inspirational. When you start compiling inspiration in one place it is easier to see what common themes appeal to you.

Remember, there is no such thing as a bad colour; just bad colour combinations.

Before finalising the colour scheme, its often helpful to lay all the colours that are going to be used together into a mood board.

Make sure that when creating the mood board, the colours are laid out in proportion to how they are going to be laid out in a room using the 60:30:10 principle.

The largest portion is your wall colour (60) followed then by your skirting’s/ doors and ceiling (30), lastly is your accent colour tones (10) which are for fabrics and accessories.

If you’re still having difficultly choosing a colour scheme, come on in to a Resene Colorshop where our friendly staff would be more than happy to help you out.

We also have in-store colour specialists, so you can bring your inspiration and photos into the Resene Colorshop where we will work together to create a colour scheme just for you.

Otherwise, we do have our on-site colour consultants who can come out to your home for a small fee and provide the same service on-site.

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