7 essential websites for any Wellington home buyer

Luke Parker
7 essential websites for any Wellington home buyer

Looking for a home in Wellington and after quality information to help in your decision-making.

To take advantage of all that Wellington has to offer, here's 7 websites to make your buying journey a little easier.


1: What's That Home Worth?

Homes.co.nz has just launched with a free estimated market value for every home in Wellington.

This, coupled with recent sales data, current listings, and council records makes it a pretty powerful website to explore if you're in the market. With a couple of clicks you will be able to view the following:

• Property sales history dating back 20 years
• Recent sales
• Monthly Homes Estimate
• Rating values, past and present
• Access to local Real Estate Agents
• Westpac mortgage calculator

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2: Let Someone Else Pay the Mortgage

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A lot of first-time home buyers are snagging properties in more affordable suburbs and renting them out to pay the mortgage; then they find rental accommodation closer to the city.

Information from the website Tenancy.govt.nz will give you estimated rent costs in specific areas. A great way to decide where in Wellington to buy a rental.


3: Four Seasons in One Day can Wreak Havoc on a House.

We’ve all experienced a house that doesn’t get the right sun exposure or the wind is so intense it blows the BBQ right off the deck. Wellington Council Maps give you all of the details about sun and wind exposure.

This website includes aerial photos dating back to 1996, information about flooding zones, and piped services.


4: Is That Extension Legitimate?

See a property that you love but have a sketchy feeling about some of the build work.

Obviously you'll want to get a builder in to do an inspection before buying, but here's a quick place to find out what building consents have been granted for a home.

Check out this building plan search service.


5: Find out if it is Leaky!

Don’t let the expression "When it Rains it Pours" apply to you.

Research whether or not the property you're interested in has been listed as a leaky home on another part of the council's handy website


6: Everything You Need to Know About Schools in the Area

For some buyers, buying a house is largely about buying into a school zone.

Understanding where these zones lie, and how each school is performing can be found on the government's school zone finder.

Even if you're not interested in school zones in the slightest it's worth taking a look.

It'll show you where you'll be paying a premium for a feature of no interest to you.


7: Work from Home? Have Teenagers? Live in the 21st Century?

With Ultra-Fast Broadband now available in just over 40% of Wellington houses, it's worth checking what sort of internet speeds to expect at your house of interest.

There have been a lot of changes in broadband technologies over the last couple of years with all sorts of acronyms now available (Cable, UFB, ADSL, RBI, VDSL).

It's worth digging around on this Chorus map.

Happy house hunting!

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Looking for a new home?

Westpac has info and tools to help you navigate the house hunting process:

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