7 cool gadgets to automate your home

Ryan Boyd
7 cool gadgets to automate your home

Doing stuff is hard work. What if we could get gadgets to do all our stuff for us? These 7 clever devices will help do the hard (and not so hard) work around your house for you, leaving you more time to do the things you actually want to be doing.

Belkin WeMo Light SwitchLight

No one likes getting up from a warm or comfy couch to adjust the lighting.

This handy device lets you control your lights from any location on your phone, whether it be another country or the couch.

Working through your Wi-Fi or network connection, this is great for those that keep forgetting to turn the lights off when leaving the house as you can check what's on remotely.

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iRobot seriesScooba

You’ve probably heard of the Roomba, the vacuum cleaner you can programme and it takes care of the rest, but the company, iRobot, also has some other clever products, such as the Scooba 450, the floor scrubbing equivalent

Also available is the ConnectR, which is a bit of a snooping device.

Can’t be bothered going upstairs to check on the kids? Use your iPad to control the ConnectR and drive it in to see what they’re up to.


Husqvarna AutomowerMower

Mowing the lawns is a chore, and with summer coming soon, it’s going to be a very regular one for many homeowners.

The Husqvarna Automower is like a Roomba for your lawn.

After a one time set up telling it where to mow, this electric mower does what it’s told, when it’s told. It even docks itself when it needs a charge. How clever is that?

It works on slopes, in the dark, and in the rain, and as an added bonus, it also kind of looks like a miniature Batmobile. 


Kwikset Kevo powered by UniKeyKevo

It may look like a normal deadbolt, but Kevo is actually a pretty clever bluetooth enabled smartlock.

You can monitor any entries, use virtual keys (which you can send to friends or family or anyone who needs to get inside), and get any security alerts sent to your smartphone.

And yes it does come with a backup key for those dead battery tech emergencies. 


Touchless faucetsTap

Perfect for the kitchen or bathroom, touchless faucets are exactly what they sound like.

Common in public restrooms, these are now starting to become common in households, helping reduce the spread of germs over the tap handles.

Think of all the times you've delicately turned on the taps with your wrists when your hands were covered in chicken juice. These will make that a thing of the past.


Autoclosing toilet seatsToilet

Wouldn’t it be nice if every time you flushed, the toilet seat closed by itself? Think of all the marital arguments this would eliminate.

That’s what companies such as Flush Down can now deliver for your personal throne. 

Apparently it's very easy to install (no professional required), and is virtually invisible.

Plus it will keep the pets out of the bowl.


Automatic Pet FeederPets

Speaking of pets, if you have one you know how much your schedule revolves around their meal time, not to mention how much of a pain it is to organise someone to feed them when you’re out of town.

Automatic pet feeders have a customisable timer and meal size, and will even call your pets when the food is ready.


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