6 YouTube channels to make you a DIY guru

Ryan Boyd
6 YouTube channels to make you a DIY guru

“Wow, that DIY project was way easier and less complicated than I expected” – said no one ever.

It’s true that DIY can be daunting. Scary even. But the end results can be far more rewarding, the experience memorable, and your wallet will be grateful.

Before you take a sledgehammer to that kitchen wall, take a look at these YouTube channels which can help your project run a bit smoother.


Ask the builder

Builder Tim Carter shares how to guides and tips and tricks for DIY novices. His videos are very well organised by category too.

Subscribers: 55,500+

Sample clips: How to drill hard steel; Stump removal; How to fix a leaky gutter

Link: Ask the Builder

The Home Depot

The US mega retailer has a huge number of clips with easy to follow instructions. Will have almost everything you need to get cracking on your DIY project.

Subscribers: 102,000+

Sample clips: Installing a fireplace; How to replace or install a toilet; Things You Should Know for a Floor Tile Installation Project

Link: The Home Depot

Homebuilding & Renovating

The YouTube channel for Britain's Home Building magazine is perfect for self-builders and renovators, with a particular focus on sustainable houses.

Their aim is to “share videos to inspire and inform, helping to give you the confidence to undertake your own project with confidence.”

Subscribers: 2,500+

Sample clips: Thinking of installing a stove?; Amazing low cost self-build; Three tips for building a sustainable home

Link: Homebuilding & Renovating

DIY HIP Chicks

If you feel there’s too many men giving DITY advice, try DIY HIP Chicks.

Hosted by builder Beth Allen (a self-described “funny, sassy, tenacious chick”), her goal is to “empower women to be smart, capable and confident” and “help women save money, time and stress managing the home”.

Subscribers: 3,300+

Sample clips: How to prevent wall damage from door knobs, Tips on Tile Flooring, How to Fix your Garbage Disposal

Link: DIY HIP Chicks

This Old House

Even if you’re not familiar with the This Old House TV show, you will find barrow-loads of useful advice from their YouTube channel.

With well-over 1,000 videos covering everything from plumbing, flooring, and garden care, they have it all.

Subscribers: 163,000+

Sample clips: How to Install a Home Wind Turbine, How to Add Automatic Lighting to a Closet, How to Repair a Broken Stone Walkway

Link: This Old House

Home & Garden for Mere Mortals

These guys are all about helping everyday people maintain their homes themselves.

Their mission is “to empower you with the knowledge and confidence to take on home improvement, repairs and gardening, as well as giving you fun and creative crafting and decorating ideas.”

Subscribers: 20,000+

Sample clips: How to mask off a room for painting; How to Replace a Shower Head; How to replace a toilet fill valve

Link: Home & Garden for Mere Mortals

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