Young Blake Expedition: Last day and homeward bound

Luke Parker
Young Blake Expedition: Last day and homeward bound

REDnews has asked Simran Rughani and Oxana Repina to report back with photos, footage, and commentary from their Sir Peter Blake Trust’s Young Blake Expedition to the remote Auckland Islands (465 km’s south of Bluff).

They are a part of a group of 14 students working with scientists on terrestrial and marine ecology and geology projects in the Sub-Antarctic islands.

Check out their whole adventure on the REDnews Lifestyle section.

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Last Day Aboard

“This morning we anchored at Steward Island started the most important process of the entire ship – collating all the data together to make sure that it was precise and consistent.

All of us went through our notes and scanned our memory for all the information we could remember from the past few days doing research on the Auckland Islands.

This was then put together on a spreadsheet and will be used as a summary of our findings.

This process makes it easy for everyone all over the world to use our research and use the most potential from what we have gained from here. We did a lot of research and so this process did take up most of the day.

Saying goodbye 2

We also gained more insight as to what the role of the Department of Conservation (DOC) is in New Zealand. We learnt that they are dedicated to preserving and protecting our national heritage and wildlife.

They also do a lot of community based activities and partnerships with businesses to benefit the community in the region of the collaboration.

Going through the different roles that DOC plays, I think it was easy for everyone to see what role they could potentially play.

As a thank you for the staff and NAVY for hosting us and providing us with this opportunity, the students performed a skit covering the highlights from our trip.

It was a lot of fun and afterwards each student gave a member of the crew a limited edition pair of the Sir Peter Blake’s red socks as a thank you for being so welcoming.

Saying goodbye

The NAVY really take their cleaning seriously!

This morning I was up and ready for slushie duty at 6:30am and this evening we did formal rounds for our cabins.

I greeted the XO and led him around the cabins and bathroom for inspection. I wasn’t quite sure what to do but I think we passed.

I can’t believe that today was our last aboard the ship. It has gone by so fast for all of us.

We have done so much, learnt so many life skills and have been placed in situations that not many others ever will.

It will be sad to say goodbye to the crew tomorrow – I hope I don’t cry!"

Words by Simran Rughani

Photos supplied by Oxana Repina

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