Young Blake Expedition (Auckland Islands) - Day 2

Luke Parker
Young Blake Expedition (Auckland Islands) - Day 2

REDnews has asked Simran Rughani and Oxana Repina to report back daily with photos, footage, and commentary from their Sir Peter Blake Trust’s Young Blake Expedition to the remote Auckland Islands (465 km’s south of Bluff).

They are a part of a group of 14 students to spend 5 days working with scientists on terrestrial and marine ecology and geology projects that will inform the proposed Blake Station.

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Simran Rughani: Day 2 


A surprise under the bow

Wednesday the 3rd of February 2016

"After a surprisingly good sleep, waking up at 6am wasn’t that bad.Breakfast didn’t start till seven so I went to the gym - it was a mission trying to do downward-dog on a moving ship but I managed.

Raven and I volunteered to help out in the galley after breakfast.

We had a cute little brief and were tasked with scrubbing, peeling and chopping potatoes.

What’s usually a menial task gave us new-found appreciation for chefs who feed large numbers of people - we were literally preparing the potatoes for an hour and a half. It was a pleasant task, listening to music and yarning with the cooks. Getting to know their individual stories was really interesting.

The main idea from today’s workshops that resonated with me was that in today’s society, people are focused on preserving themselves as opposed to thinking in the longer term. It opened my eyes to where we could be heading in 50 to 100 years time and reiterated how much we need to change.

How many people can say that they have steered a NAVY ship? Me! Going up to the bridge was awesome, sitting in their chairs and reading their radars was super exciting and then being able to steer the ship too was unreal.

Now I have driven a ship as many times as I have driven a car. To top it all off, I managed to lean over the bow of the ship and watch a pod of dolphins jumping up and playing with us, it was amazing."

Photos by Oxana Repina

On the water


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