Westpac NZ wins at Facebook’s Global Awards and Cannes Lions

Luke Parker
Westpac NZ wins at Facebook’s Global Awards and Cannes Lions

Westpac NZ has walked away with 2 prestigious awards for 2015 Westpac Chopper Appeal campaign which included an interactive series of videos.

At the 2016 Facebook’s Global Awards – the campaign (Handheld Rescue) picked up Bronze for the ‘Best use of the Facebook Platform’ before receiving a Bronze Lion at the Cannes Lions for ‘Best use of a Digital Platform’.

Behind the concept

The team used Facebook tools to bring the concept of placing someone’s life into the viewer or user’s hands.

A woman was filmed trapped in a lifelike emergency, based on real-life rescue stories.

The film was then spliced into a series of episodes in which each one the patient’s
situation got worse.

If the viewer ignored the film and did not click through to the donation site, they would be served the next film in the series. If they did act and click the post, they would see a film of the woman being rescued by the Westpac Rescue Chopper.

A Facebook pixel was used on the donation site to track the viewers who clicked the link in the Facebook posts - they were removed from the custom audiences group that received the worsening sequence of films.

The emergency felt like it was unfolding in real time with special targeting used to match the time within the film to the time in the real world to increase the sense of urgency.

The overall effect for the user was a deep level of empathy for the woman in our films, and an understanding that their actions have the power to save lives.

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Campaign PerformanceFacebook Award

- 12 million impressions (for a country of 4.5 million)

- 300% more visitors came to the donation site, compared to the previous year’s appeal (2014 = 27,718 visitors  /  2015 = 85,065 visitors)

- Received more online donations than ever before

- Donations increased for the first time in 5 years

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