Watch Westpac’s Treasurer “drop” for a good cause (Video)

Ryan Boyd
Watch Westpac’s Treasurer “drop” for a good cause (Video)

Westpac Treasurer Jim Reardon joined up with a number of representatives from various companies to take part in the ‘Drop Your Boss’ fundraiser for the Foundation for Youth Development (FYD). 

Drop Your Boss events organised by FYD have been making their way around the country, and involve corporate leaders abseiling down the outside of buildings for the charity.

This time the building in question was Westpac’s head office in Britomart, Auckland where bosses all over town were dropped from.

Jim helped raise over $3,500 for the charity, and you can still contribute.  

Although he admitted to being a bit nervous beforehand, and made a slight misstep at the start, once he was back on solid ground Jim said he was keen to give it another go.

Check out his descent here.

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