VIDEO: Sharnay Cocup inspires next generation of leaders

VIDEO: Sharnay Cocup inspires next generation of leaders

Women of Influence 2017 Young Leader Award winner, Sharnay Cocup inspired a group of students from Auckland’s Diocesan School for Girls and Selwyn College this morning.

Sharnay is the founder of the Taupiri Youth Group Trust, a Taupiri Community Board member, Taupiri School Board trustee and PTA member.

She started the Taupiri Youth Group Trust to restore the Taupiri Mountain track, which hadn’t been maintained properly for 20 years.

“In life we have two pathways – an easy way and a hard way. For most of us we like taking the easy way out, but no one realises that the hard way is the most successful track to a successful life,” she told the students.

Growing up in the rural Waikato town of just 180 people, Sharnay was the first in her family to finish high school and encouraged the students to make the most of their there and not get caught up in what others think of you.

“You’ve got to make yourself feel good before you can make someone else feel good. If you’re not ok about yourself, how can you make someone else happy. Be yourself. Be the individual that you were born to be.”

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