VIDEO: Peanut Butter King top-3 Attitude Entrepreneur Award finalist

VIDEO: Peanut Butter King top-3 Attitude Entrepreneur Award finalist

Pic’s Peanut Butter started in good Kiwi fashion - using a concrete mixer in a garage.

Twelve years on, the tasty spread now a $50 million brand with 35 employees churning-out 3.5 million jars a year and a household favourite in more than 12 countries.

But not many people would know its founder Pic Picot has a visual impairment, which he reckons has contributed to his success, rather than hindered it.

Pic is cherished by the Nelson community for his generosity of spirit, compassion and commitment to keeping jobs local, growing regional prosperity.

He’s now been selected as one of three finalists for the Entrepreneur Award, which Westpac is proud to sponsor, at the 2017 Attitude Awards on November 9.

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The inspirational Attitude Awards ceremony includes seven different categories showcasing and celebrating artists, sportsmen and women, people with intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, and mental health issues - young and old.

Now in its 10th year, the aim of the Awards is to shine a spotlight on the disability sector, and draw attention to the one in four New Zealanders who live with disability.

The Attitude Entrepreneur Award specifically celebrates a person with a disability who has developed his or her own business or social enterprise.

This may be a cottage industry or a larger company.

The Awards also pay tribute to the employers who work alongside people with disabilities to ensure they are able to contribute their skills to society and live full and satisfying lives.

The other two finalists in the Entrepreneur Award category this year are Victoria Lessing and Robbie Francis.

The winners will be announced at a black-tie gala dinner at the Auckland ANZ Viaduct Events Centre on November 9th in front of over 600 guests, including celebrities and dignitaries.

Go to 2017 Attitude Awards to buy tickets and find out more information.

Have your say with the Air New Zealand’s People’s Choice Award

As part of the Attitude Awards this year, you can vote for one of the overall 21 finalists that you think deserves to be this year’s People's Choice winner.

Make sure you come back and VOTE once every day!

SEE ALSO: VIDEO: Attitude Entrepreneur Award finalist - Meet Robbie Francis

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