Truly and Madly unique

Luke Parker
Truly and Madly unique

Photo by Courtney Horwood
Flowers by Honeysuckle Rose

It’s hard to describe exactly what Sony Nuth’s wedding website is; planner, blog, directory, inspiration giver, event calendar, forum. But whatever it is, it’s working.

Within just six months of launching Truly and Madly, Sony has made significant inroads into the wedding industry, and it’s all down to the unique way she approached building the site.

“It’s the most beautiful wedding space to be inspired, get creative and connect with the right suppliers to help,” she claims proudly. “It’s a go-to site for all aspects of wedding planning and features real weddings and styled shoots. We enlisted the most stylish NZ brands and offer planning tools and advice forums.”

A quick visit to the site will prove her claims of its beauty are spot on, and it’s not surprising considering her artistic background, majoring in photography at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design.

The light bulb moment for Sony came when she was in the midst of planning her own wedding.

“I was also studying a Diploma in Digital Media at the time and I soon began to find all the wedding information on the web a little overwhelming which led to more stress and confusion. I found myself dreaming of something better.”

And instead of waiting for someone to deliver that “something”, Sony took it as a personal challenge, and Truly and Madly was borne.

Taking inspiration from a variety of mainly international websites, and not just wedding ones, Sony started sketching out the idea early 2013 and by November, began devoting all her time to Truly and Madly.

“I decided instead of waiting for the website to be complete which would take approximately three months, I’d start a blog to build a following before it was even launched, get people excited, create a buzz and start spreading wedding inspiration.”

The website officially went live in March this year, and she says the response so far has been very encouraging and a real motivator.

“I get feedback, comments and emails on a daily basis from both brides and industry professionals telling me how ‘beautiful’ the site is, how there’s nothing quite like this, and how they love what we do and are finding ‘so much inspiration’. We’re growing a lot faster than we projected.”

The 33-year-old loves how having a website allows her to work online from anywhere in the world, and believes the success could be to do with the way the site connects with its followers, users and clients on a personal, more human level.

“It speaks to them in a passionate, authentic and transparent voice,” she says. “We give them an experience, not just a platform, because it’s about creating a desirable space that people want to be part of.”

When asked what the future holds for Truly and Madly, Sony smiles, “We have a lot of plans but to be honest, I don’t want to give too much away. Let’s just say, we’re working on a couple of big projects at the moment that will really take Truly and Madly to a whole new level.” 

Truly & Madly from LITTLE ISLAND FILMS on Vimeo.

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Actors: George Mason & Jessie Lawrence
Writer / Director / Cinematographer: Joshua Winger
Editor: Joshua Winger / Caz Pistorius
Producer: Sony Nuth
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