Top artist to exhibit at Westpac

Luke Parker
Top artist to exhibit at Westpac

World-renowned sculptor Max Patté will host his first ever solo exhibition at Westpac’s head office during this year’s Auckland Arts Week, featuring 28 of his new and existing works from bronze sculptures through to a new series of light paintings.

There will be free public admission between 1-3pm on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12, but you’ll need to book a spot first.

Bring your own (digital) tour guide

To enhance the viewing experience, visitors to the exhibition can download the free smartphone app to support the exhibition, and it’s easy to do:

Step 1: Download the “STQRY” app for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

Step 2: On arrival to Westpac, ensure your smart phone is switched on and GPS enabled, and the art experience will commence.

Max Patté

Max Patte ReflectionSmall

The British-born artist has been living and working in Wellington since 2006 with well-known sculptures including the Solace in the Wind and companion piece Reflection on Wellington’s waterfront, as well as The Frolic and the Fancy, a massive work recently installed at the Michael Hill property in Arrowtown.

He works primarily in clay and casting in iron plaster and bronze and has extensive experience with both modern and traditional techniques, and his work can be found in private and public collections throughout the world.

He says experimenting with materials, textures and colours is an integral part of his work, and his working method.

“Moments of stillness, internalisation, quiet, self-reflection are what interest me,” he says. “This is why the eyes are closed in all of my own works – shutting out the outside world, or turning away from it.”

His skill with both animal and human form saw him embark on a successful career in film, television and theatre design – though he has also worked internationally as a conservator of antiquities and contemporary art.

The Max Patté Solo Exhibition will also celebrate the announcement of Westpac’s new partnership with the Arts Foundation and Boosted, an online crowd-funding platform that brings artists and supporters together to fund and back upcoming projects. 

The details

Where: Level 9, Westpac on Takutai Square, 16 Takutai Square, Britomart, Auckland

When: 11-12 October

How much: FREE!

How: Book a spot now


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