Exercise: Top 5 mistakes everyone makes

Lee-Anne Wann – Fitness Specialist & Health Practitioner
Exercise: Top 5 mistakes everyone makes

Summer is the season to get in shape. Lee-Anne Wann, team nutritionist for the Vodafone Warriors, shares a few tips on what not to do.

Viewing exercise as a chore

Many of us want to be fit and healthy and try to force ourselves to the gym or exercise class and feel like it is just another chore on the to do list. If we can change our perception of exercise to one of privilege and not something to take for granted, we are more likely to commit to it.

Remember, there are many people out there who do not have this opportunity so take yours and run with it. Choose things you enjoy – all movement counts.

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Too much too soon

Once we decide upon a course of action we usually jump in with both feet, and while enthusiasm is a great thing, doing too much too quickly will make it harder to sustain long-term and injury is likely to occur.

Give yourself a break and start slowly – you are the sum of what you do consistently, not what you do on occasion.


Seeing only part of the picture

Getting into shape takes a combination of elements; exercise, nutrition, sleep, recovery, reducing stress, and hydration to name a few.

Many of us embark on one or two of these things and forget the rest which causes imbalance and challenges for the body and mind. Choose a change in lifestyle habits rather than a boot camp style programme.


Focussing on one area of the body

People who want to lose tummy weight do lots of crunches, people who want to lose weight off their legs just do leg training.

Our bodies are designed to move as one and engaging and activating the whole body rather than just small parts leads to much quicker and more sustainable shape changes.

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Leaving your exercise to chance

Scheduling in two days a week of exercise into your diary often leads to only one or even no sessions happening.

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Aim for the stars and reach the moon, so if you want two sessions schedule in three or four so you have a backup if something else gets in the way.


Lee‐Anne Wann is one of the most relevant and trusted health and fitness experts in New Zealand. With over 30 qualifications, Lee‐Anne currently runs a private medicine and health practice and is the team nutritionist for the Vodafone Warriors, U20 Team and Warriors Reserves Team.




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