Surprise for a centenarian

Surprise for a centenarian

Hilda Kirk had never won anything before, so it was a pleasant surprise and coincidence when she received a Westpac letter advising her she’d won $100 in a bank Save & Win draw, just prior to her 100th birthday last week.

100 year old Hilda Kirk The Oamaru local says she was brought up to always acknowledge any gift with a written thank you letter, so she wrote to the branch and let them know it was especially special to receive this gesture so close to her hundredth birthday.

She went on to say in the letter that as a child, her and her brother would receive a shilling on their birthdays.

The shilling was generally only spent one penny at a time to make it go further, and Mrs Kirk says she almost always spent it on sweets from the corner store.

She believes this generation could learn a thing or two about making money last instead of living in our 'throw away' society.

Westpac Product Manager Retail Deposits, Mark Lenaarts, wanted to do something special to mark the occasion and made arrangements for a shilling from 1965 to be flown down to Oamaru.

From here, Bank Manager Nicki Johnston hand-delivered the shilling to Mrs Kirk, along with some of her favourite chocolates.

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