Summer loving

Luke Parker
Summer loving

As thousands of Kiwis flock to their favourite summer holiday locations over Christmas and New Years, we caught up with radio/television host and comedian Jeremy Corbett to see which part of the country he heads off to.


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What is your favourite NZ summer holiday spot?

I’m a fan of Matarangi on the Coromandel Peninsula. We go there regularly - mainly because we have access to a beach house there.


So what is it you love about Matarangi?

It’s 5km of gently-sloping white sand on a north-facing beach and is pretty much rip-less, so great for the family.

Being 3 hours from Auckland, it doesn’t get overrun apart from the odd Christmas/New Year. 

There’s a basic shop so you don’t have to travel for food, but Whitianga is only 20mins over the hill. For me it’s full of good memories.


How long have you been going there for?

Errrrrrr.. well over 10 years I’d say.. staying at various places.


What is your favourite/fondest memory there?

I love just walking with the girls and Nugget (our dog) to the shop to get the paper – it’s beautiful in the early mornings.

It’s a family tradition is to go for a swim on the stroke of midnight at New Years. The last one involved about 12 of us…some forgot clothing. I have disturbing images seared into my brain.


If you were pitching Matarangi to your mates, what would you say some of its best features are?

I wouldn’t…I’d tell them to go somewhere else and leave paradise to me.

But… You want fish? You go fishing. You want adventure? You also go fishing. You don’t want to go fishing? Doesn’t matter, everyone else catches so much they give it to you. 

You want to sit on the beach? There’s plenty for everyone. You want to sit in the sun? It’s north facing. You want to swim? duh.

You want to play golf? The Dunes. There’s summer events right through Dec/Jan. 

Surf? I can’t. But yes. Not always huge though. Paddle Board? You can. Turns out I’m not so good at that. 


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