Sophie’s summer fashion tips

Luke Parker
Sophie’s summer fashion tips

We may be used to seeing Sophie Pascoe wearing swimsuits and a bunch of gold medals around her neck, but outside of the pool the 21 year old Paralympic superstar has a passion for fashion.

“I love it. Obviously I live in sports clothing, so every time I go out, I love to put on a nice dress which makes me feel very feminine,” she says.

“I always tend to look at what’s going on around the world because they are one step ahead of us in terms of seasons and it’s nice to see what’s coming up. You can grab inspiration from other people but bring your own style into it.”

Sophie Halbergs

Sophie has been into fashion since an early age, always believing it can express your personality, which is why she always buys her own gowns.

“Because I’m travelling a lot, I come across amazing stuff when I’m overseas. When I see something, no one else is going to have it back at home, and that sort of catches my eye.”

A lover of local labels WORLD and Kate Sylvester, she says her wardrobe ranges from lots of low-end priced clothes which she’ll mix ‘n’ match with her mid-priced stuff.

“My high-end garments are my one-off gowns and cocktail dresses that I’ll wear out around town or to events.

“My favourite gown is from Salvatore Ferragamo which I wore to the Halberg Awards last year. I bought it to Las Vegas.”

We asked Sophie to give us an inside scoop as to what she sees as the up-and-coming fashion trends this summer.


Sophie’s Tips


Dresses are always in for summer. I see them sitting just above the knee or just below the knee with lots of floral as well as very out-there bold and bright colours.

Midi skirts (below the knee skirts) with ballet flats, court shoes, or heels are trending at the moment as well as cropping – crop tops with a skirt.

Matching patterns whether it’s a top and a skirt or a top and pants are also in.



Wedges are in as well as a lot of lower heel shoes like court shoes and sandals.


Casual wear

I’m seeing lots of pastels and block colours.

Colour blocking with really full and eccentric colours is also in. An example of this could be wearing a royal-blue top with a bright fuchsia pink skirt.


Hair styles

Hairstyle is dependent on the person’s face shape. I’m seeing a lot of clean-cut short bobs coming back in, but also the messy hair look is definitely in.

It’s quick and easy, and whether it’s a fishtail, plait, pony or bun, that messy look is always nice, but sort of natural is always going to be around.

This is what I tend to go for; I don’t have a lot of time to put into my hair. I prefer to put the time into my wardrobe than what I would into my hair.



Make up is very natural going in to summer. I would personally like to see more people putting effort into their clothing and to stay more natural for their hair and make-up. You don’t want to be covering yourself so you’re unrecognisable.

Lipstick colours would be more natural as well as pastel pinks, quite bright corals and peaches.



Hats are really in. For women it’s wide-brimmed – not floppy but not too stiff, somewhere in-between.

For the trending young male, flat caps are coming out in all sorts of colours and styles which is quite funky. 

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