How to stay safe while travelling

Ryan Boyd
How to stay safe while travelling

Think of all the places in the world you can go. Vietnam. Brazil. Turkey. Even Australia. While all amazing tourist destinations, it’s important to prepare yourself for any event before you go.

Here’s some tips to help make sure you stay safe wherever the destination.


Know the risks of your destination

Knowing what the potential dangers you could face is imperative to proper travel preparation.

The government’s Safetravel website is a great resource of information on the top potential hazards from each country, covering everything from health alerts, such as the Zika virus, to security concerns, such as terrorism.


Share your itinerary

While on the Safetravel site you can register your travel so, should an overseas emergency strike, the government knows where you are and will account for your safety and wellbeing.

And this should go without saying, but make sure you tell family and friends your travel itinerary and keep in contact with them while you’re away, even if it’s just a text saying you’ve arrived safe.


Get travel insurance

Safetravel says on their website: “Do not leave New Zealand without comprehensive travel and medical insurance – treatment of a minor injury or a hospital admission can be very expensive in some countries.”

Car accidents, natural disasters, delayed flights, illness, lost luggage. Anything can happen while travelling, which is why travel insurance is highly recommended. 

Westpac and Cover-More make getting travel insurance very simple, and could potentially save you thousands should things not go to plan.

Pro-tip: Buying travel insurance the same time you purchase your tickets as opposed to just before you fly out could save you money should something happen prior to departure as you are covered for cancellation and amendment of your trip the moment you purchase your policy. This includes events such as natural disasters, extreme weather events or accidents or illness of you or a family member.

Remember to always check the policy wording for full policy terms and conditions.


Get a check-up

A quick stop by your GP to ensure you’re in good health for travel is worthwhile for a few reasons:

  •     So you know what existing medical conditions you have before getting travel insurance
  •     Get any vaccinations needed for the regions you’re travelling to
  •     Topping up on any prescription medication you may need


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