Richie: My 5 tips for keeping healthy

Ryan Boyd
Richie: My 5 tips for keeping healthy

It’s holiday season, and Westpac Ambassador Richie McCaw knows a thing or two about how to stay active even when you’re on a break.

Richie McCaw’s 5 tips for keeping healthy are:Richie Ride

  •     Get enough sleep so you have heaps of energy to enjoy each day.

  •     Do some exercise first thing in the morning so you feel good all day. Make it a habit for the summer.

  •     Mix up the type of exercise you do so it doesn’t get boring. There are so many things you can do with minimal equipment. Get out in nature and go walking, jogging, or mountain biking.

  •     Make sure you have a good, nutritious breakfast to start the day so you have plenty of energy, and don’t get tested by snacks throughout the day. 

  •     Enter an event at the end of summer so you have incentive to get up and get active.

There you have it. And in case you were wondering where Richie’s favourite holiday spot in New Zealand are, we asked him that too:

“My favourite holiday spot is Wanaka. Lots of sunshine, a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of outdoor activities.”

Have a great and active break, everyone!

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