Richie McCaw’s foundation donates to Rugby League Northland

Luke Parker
Richie McCaw’s foundation donates to Rugby League Northland

Northland Rugby League (NRL) won’t have to worry about rugby balls for the next little while after receiving 200 of them from iSPORT Foundation.

The Foundation, founded by Richie McCaw, Dan Carter and Ali Williams, has donated to balls to the NLR’s Leadership through League program to foster greater participation in sport and provide new opportunities in the game.

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General Manager of RLN, Alex Smits, says “Many schools don’t have enough balls or sport equipment for their kids. One of the reasons they don’t continue in sport is that they simply don’t have enough equipment. We want to encourage ongoing participation in Rugby League that continues throughout the year.”

He says Leadership to League is a grass roots program aimed at fostering more participation in League and provide a pathway for youth, administrators and coaches.

The iSPORT Foundation inspires and enables youth to participate and be the best they can be – no matter their circumstances.

It partnered with Westpac in 2014 to increase the number of New Zealanders, communities, and teams it can reach to provide resources that may be needed including sporting equipment, uniforms, footwear, competition entry fees, and travel.

iSPORT works with schools, and local, regional & national sporting bodies to identify individuals showing talent, and with teams that need a helping hand to give them an equal opportunity to succeed. 

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