Richie asking for used sports gear

Luke Parker
Richie asking for used sports gear

Richie McCaw’s iSport Foundation is declaring a national sport gear recycle month to level the playing field for schools who can’t afford the gear they need.

The iSPORT Foundation is calling for New Zealanders to donate their sporting gear which is no longer being used to help lower decile schools to support our next generation of sports stars. 

Founded by Richie McCaw, Ali Williams and Daniel Carter in 2009, the iSPORT Foundation helps 12-18 year old kiwis achieve their sporting goals, no matter their circumstances by providing grants and crowdfunding, sports gear, leadership and inspiration.

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iSport-Foundation-calling-for-your-used-sports-gear“There are New Zealand schools that don't have the right gear to help kids develop their skills in the sports they love. We want to help schools get the equipment they need to help those kids so they can realise their sporting potential. I have had a good run of it, but I could not have got there without access to the right gear. If you are not using the stuff in the cupboard and garage, pass it on to the next generation” says iSPORT co-founder and rugby legend Richie McCaw.

CEO  Alister Gates say the drive will run from April 4 to April 30.

“This is all about helping kids – we’re looking for gear that’s still in good nick. Maybe a tennis racket you hardly used, or the wrong code football you decided not to give to your grandchildren last Christmas. We are really grateful to our business partners Westpac and Jetts for allowing us to put the collection bins in their branches and hope that New Zealanders will get behind this initiative to shift sports gear from the garage into the hands of kids that can really use it."

Lee Tibble, Head of PE at Royal Oak Intermediate School, says the drive will help their up-and- coming sports stars.

“Some of our kids are so talented, but we don’t have the funding to provide all the equipment they need to truly excel. We want to provide the opportunity for all our kids to participate in sport, but often struggle when we don’t have enough of even the basics, like balls. We’re grateful to iSPORT for helping us to help our kids get the chance to be the best they can be in the sports they love.

Where to drop your sports gear off:

To donate to the drive this April, bring your sporting equipment into one of 252 locations around the country including participating:

-  Westpac branches 

-  Jetts Gyms

-  Media Works offices

Use the iSPORT map to find your nearest drop off location

iSPORT will then distribute these donations to schools to help them nurture their sporting talents.

For more information, go to Pass on the dream.

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