Restoring Aotearoa’s waterways and wetlands for the next seven generations

Restoring Aotearoa’s waterways and wetlands for the next seven generations

Wetlands are the kidneys of the earth, filtering pollutants and contaminants that would otherwise wash into our rivers and oceans.

Many of our native wildlife call them home, but today, only 10% of Aotearoa’s wetlands remain.

That’s why a new partnership between environmental charity and Westpac customer Million Metres and Seventh Generation (plant-based household and personal care products) is driving action towards protecting this precious resource, starting with the restoration of the Rangihoua Wetland on Waiheke Island.

Georgina Hart, the Million Metres Project Lead, explains: “Wetland ecosystems support a huge range of native plants and animals, including birds, insects and fish.

“They act like sponges, soaking up water during floods and releasing it during droughts. They trap carbon, keeping it out of the atmosphere.”

The team has the bold aim of fundraising $50,000 this summer to plant native trees and shrubs. For every donation received, Seventh Generation will provide matching funding, dollar for dollar up to $25,000.

“It’s wonderful to be partnering with a business like Seventh Generation that cares,” Georgina says.


“Their investment in Rangihoua will help restore a degraded wetland into a thriving habitat for the rare moho-pererū (Banded Rail) and other native birds. The project will benefit generations to come!

“And this is just the beginning of our partnership to support Kiwis in taking care of their local waterways.”

The partnership officially kicked off on 7 November with Seventh Generation recreating a wetland in Auckland’s downtown Takutai Square.

Kiwi artist Flox was onsite creating a bespoke piece of art that she added to every time a donation was made. The art is currently being auctioned off on TradeMe:

You can also get involved or donate directly at Million Metres.


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