Public funds documentary in less than a week

Luke Parker
Public funds documentary in less than a week

Thanks to a successful Boosted crowdfunding campaign, filmmaker, writer and musician Gemma Gracewood has been able to complete a 30-minute documentary around alternative artist Joseph Herscher

Joseph Gets Dressed follows Herscher as he transforms ordinary household objects into an elaborate machine that will dress him from head to toe in front of a live audience.


Gemma Gracewood

Boosted is a crowdfunding platform, backed by the Arts Foundation, where people can come together to fund artistic projects by creative Kiwis.

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Gemma lives between New Zealand and New York and has produced projects such as Frontseat (TV One), New Artland (TVNZ Heartland), Dead Letters (NZFC Short Film), multiple music videos and the forthcoming interactive comedy-science series Jiwi's Machines.

She says she’s done successful crowdfunding campaigns on other platforms, but with “Joseph Gets Dressed”, Boosted felt right because of its arts focus, and the ability to bring on matched-backers.

“The idea that you can focus on the art at hand without the admin of rewards or package prizes like other crowdfunding platforms is really good. The reward is in the film screening.

“Rewards are hard work and usually once you've raised the funds, you're at a point where you need to get your project done. And now that crowd funding is an established method of raising money, most people don't actually want the rewards - based on anecdotal evidence.” 

Artist: Gemma Gracewood

Project: “Joseph Gets Dressed”

Target: $10,000

Raised: $13,808

Number of Donors: 66

Gemma says her first Boosted experience has been an amazing one.

“We were at 100% of the funds in under a week,” she says. “I believe that the support of our matched backers, the wonderful Gows and Gardiners, helped to create more excitement around our project, as donors could watch their $10 become $20 in an instant. That spurred a lot of folks on and helped us reach our target quickly.

One of her big pieces of advice to other artists thinking about running a campaign is to ask for the money when you most need it. 

“Ask for a realistic amount - something that means you can make your project, but that is also an achievable target. Although it may seem that 100% is the target, in reality it is a realistic ballpark.”

Gemma is also a manager and member of the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra, and a writer for magazines including Metro and Home. 

Joseph Gets Dressed Trailer (2015) Documentary Film


SEE ALSO: Pilot programme launches to help one of NZ's poorest communities

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