New way to say thank-you

Luke Parker
New way to say thank-you

Jen Shortley

“He kept in touch with me almost daily and reminded me of how valuable I was."

These words from grateful Cantabrian, Jen Shortley, describe how her good friend, Mark Sadler, made sure she was alright while going through a rough patch after the Canterbury earthquakes.

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Jen says what he did meant so much and she now has a chance to thank him in another little way through the recently-launched #ThatTimeYouHelped campaign.

Organised by local Christchurch charitable trust, SCAPE Public Art, #ThatTimeYouHelped aims to provide a platform for locals to celebrate and honour those in their midst who have helped one another, and who will continue to do so, well beyond the urgent predicaments of the Christchurch earthquakes.

SCAPE Public Art has teamed with All Right? for the campaign which invites people to celebrate everyday gestures of kindness.

Simply upload a photo to your Instagram, or on the #TTYH Facebook page, of someone you think embodies the local spirit of helpfulness tagged #ThatTimeYouHelped.

SCAPE 8 Marketing and Communications Manager, Carolyne Grant, says it’s about our people reaching out to one another and telling the world about it.

“#ThatTimeYouHelped is a way to celebrate the everyday kindness of a friend, neighbour, Our people reacing out to one another. It’s an opportunity to publically acknowledge and thank people who have helped.”


Jen says it’s nice to be able to acknowledge what Mark did through the campaign.

“It means I get to tell people just how awesome he is. I talk pretty openly about what a legend he has been to me, so this is the more public version I guess.”

She’s encouraging others to do the same and load up friends and family that have shown them kindness and support.

“Check firstly with them, and while getting their ok to do it, tell them why you want to post a picture of their beautiful face, and what they mean to you, and how and why they helped - then do it.”

#ThatTimeYouHelped forms part of SCAPE 8 New Intimacies, curated by Rob Garrett which opens on the weekend of 3-4 October with Westpac as a Platinum Sponsor. Seven local and international artists’ projects, alongside #ThatTimeYouHelped will shape a Public Art Walkway with artist talks, guided tours and public workshops through until 15 November 2015.



SCAPE Public Art:

SCAPE Public Art installs free-to-view contemporary public art in Christchurch city.
Its vision is for Christchurch people to be excited, engaged and stimulated by the contemporary public art that is well regarded and known by the national and international art world.
Over the past 18 years SCAPE Public Art has installed ten permanent and 160 temporary works of public art in central Christchurch. These artworks provide a unique point of difference for the city. Ambitious and high impact, they enhance the urban centre and raise the profile for public art in Christchurch.
Held in Christchurch’s central city public spaces and supported through a range of partnerships, the Biennials showcase leading national and international contemporary artists, and provide a springboard for emerging local talent. Works in the Biennials are created as a result of close collaboration between art and business. This is a highly regarded model world-wide.

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