Money workshops to be rolled out

Money workshops to be rolled out

After successful pilots in South Auckland andMoney-Works-workshops
East Christchurch, Westpac plans to now roll out more Money Skills workshops around the country.

The free 6-week programme has been developed for those wanting to gain more knowledge and skills around money and looks at a variety of topics including budgeting, debt, money habits and saving.

The workshops run one night each week at a local Westpac branch with dinner provided.

With plans to run Money Skills in Waikato, Whangarei and Christchurch before the end of the year, those keen can register their interest by emailing


Money Skills - workshop topics:

Session 1: Your attitude towards money
Explore attitudes towards money and look at things you can do to help turn dreams into goals.

Session 2: Good debt, bad debt
Look at debt and the true cost of borrowing.

Session 3: Prioritising, budgeting and spending
Start thinking about your own financial situation in more detail and plan a budget for your household.

Session 4: Money habits
Look at developing good money habits that can help you achieve your goals.

Session 5: Savings and retirement
Focus on the future and planning savings and retirement funds.

Session 6: Protecting what is yours
Look at insurance as well as a chance for participants to attend their first coaching session.


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