Money Skills students become the masters

Ryan Boyd
Money Skills students become the masters

Kootuitui whānau leaders in Papakura spent six weeks last year learning about budgeting, saving for retirement, and more in the pilot Westpac Money Skills course.

Now the students have become the masters.

As part of our sponsorship of the Middlemore Foundation’s Mana- ā-riki programme, the Westpac Money Skills course aims to build the community’s financial confidence with realistic and practical advice.

With the whānau leaders having now completed training to become facilitators themselves, the community can grow beyond the pilot, with the next batch of students learning from people who have been in similar situations to themselves.

Watch and see how the newly graduated facilitators think of the course.

About Mana-ā-riki

Westpac sponsors the Middlemore Foundation to deliver the pilot of Mana-ā-riki with Kootuitui ki Papakura. 

The goal is to help children reach their potential and be successful by bringing digital education into classrooms, in-school health clinics, and support for a safer, healthier home environment.

As a bank, we believe that we can help further by growing the community’s financial confidence and wellbeing through delivering our financial education programme.


Interested in taking part?

The next set of Money Skills workshops will be delivered in Term 2. Keep an eye on our Facebook Events page for more details