Loading Docs: a launchpad for Kiwi docos

Ryan Boyd
Loading Docs: a launchpad for Kiwi docos

Loading Docs produces short (3-minute) documentaries that captivate and inspire audiences locally and internationally, while developing and promoting New Zealand film making talent.

Through a competitive selection process, Loading Docs chooses 10 proposals to be supported from development through to distribution.

Working with local and international mentors, Loading Docs filmmakers expand their skills in a range of areas including story development, outreach, publicity and marketing and distribution.

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Check out and support the 2016 films

The 2016 films have now been selected and each are now calling on the public for support to raise $2,000 to make them a reality.

Here are the 10 2016 films currently seeking public support, and you can support any that you like on the Loading Docs website.


Blood Sugar


Director/Producer: Joe Hitchcock and Morgan Leigh Stewart

Blood Sugar explores diabetes through the eyes of an active and boisterous pre-schooler, Dahlia. The film brings to life a child’s interpretation of what can be a life-threatening disease. In Dahlia’s words “I don’t know what diabetes is, but I know what it is like”.


Imagine the World is Ending


Director/Producer: Brendan Withy and Doug Dillaman

A creative visual interpretation of a spoken-word poetry piece written by two Mt Albert Grammar students, describing the significant issues the pair see in the world today, and how one’s perspective of these issues might change in the face of an apocalypse.


Aka’ōu: Tātatau in the Cook Islands


Director: Robert George

Producer: Lucy Cole

Against the odds an Englishman living with Cystic Fibrosis has devoted his life to learning the ancient Polynesian art of tātatau (tattoo), and now must find the right apprentice to continue the tradition before it’s too late.


Water for Gold


Director: Rose Archer

Producer: Sandy Wijetunge

An animated conversation with leading legal professor, Jane Kelsey, on how international trade law is leading us to trade water for gold.


Same But Different


Director/Producer: Louise Leitch

Co-Producer: Susan Ruffell

Best mates, Byron and Neil, must re-calibrate their friendship when Bryon transitions from a man to a woman.


How Mr and Mrs Gock Saved the Kumara


Director: Felicity Morgan-Rhind

Producer: Arani Cuthbert

When two young Chinese refugees fall in love in 1955 their passion for each other and the land changes the way New Zealand farms kumara, our iconic indigenous crop.


The Impeccable Larry Woods


Director: Eldon Booth

Producer: Alex Lovell

Larry Woods is a shoeshine man on a mission to peddle goodwill and cheer; a far cry from his hedonistic days as a member of Auckland’s wealthy elite.

As of writing, this film has broken Boosted recoprds by raising 360% of its $2,000 target. And there’s still 23 days of funding left!


Street Smart


Director: Leigh Minarapa

Producer: Nathaniel Lees

Regina Tito’s upbringing was riddled with violence and abuse. After years on the streets Regina knew she needed to turn her life around, but seeking support proved difficult, as her criminal record is longer than her curriculum vitae.




Director/Producer: Ryan Heron and Andy Deere

With his eyes firmly on the prize, Bludgeon follows ex-infantryman Martainn’s journey to the national medieval fighting. Three years of training have led Martainn to this moment where success or failure will be decided on the swing of his poleaxe.


The Colourist


Director: Greg Wood and Peter Alsop

Producer: Declan Cahill

A photo colourist from the 1950s picks up the cotton wool one more time to showcase the wonderful aesthetic of a lost art.

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