Lee-Ann Wann: Kickstart to getting back on track for 2016

Lee-Anne Wann – Health Practitioner, Performance Nutritionist
Lee-Ann Wann: Kickstart to getting back on track for 2016

Don’t fret and definitely don’t stress about any extra kilos that you might have gained over the holiday break.

It can be an absolute challenge to stay focused and motivated to keep fit and eat healthy with so much festive activity, family events, celebrating and just relaxing – that’s living life.

The key is to get yourself back on track and onto a good base to set up an amazing 2016.

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Start out small and slowly build back your good routine by choosing small things to add into your daily routine.

Below are some of my top tips proven to keep get back your mojo, grab that focus and feeling fab in no time.


1. Focus on what you can do rather than what you cannot or don’t feel like doing?

If you can do 20 minutes at lunchtime – that’s great, don’t stress about missing a fitness class because you got caught in terrible traffic or because you are back at work and had to stay late. The more you worry and beat yourself up, the more you’ll want to hit that cookie jar to feel better.


2. Be efficient!

We are all busy and have so many more things we’d rather be doing than hitting the gym or preparing foods for the next day so make what you do work for you. Getting outdoors can help motivate you to exercise especially down the beach or in the parks – try to walk or drive a route from work that includes the option to stop and do a quick walk or even stretch and breathe. If your goal is fat loss, dump the long walks and instead do 15 minutes of skipping, if you want to tone up – try ‘compound’ exercises like press ups, walking lunges, step ups as they use lots of muscles at once.


3. Don’t deprive yourself, find an alternative that is a little better for your goals.

If you have a craving for chocolate, choose 80% dark chocolate, grate it and place it on the roof of your mouth – this will help satisfy those cravings without you having to go through five blocks of the bad stuff. Want potato chips, try kale chips or some home roasted nuts instead. The more you say “NO’ the more you’ll want it so pick an alternative and go for it.


4. Get the little things working for you.

Sitting at a desk all day can really bring you down and leave you feeling unmotivated to go exercise after work so try adding in a few little bits throughout the day to keep your energy and motivation up; try the stairs at morning tea, some chair dips while waiting for computer to do its thing, walk to the lunchroom for some green tea, it all adds up and really can make a difference.


5. Media Motivate.

The more you involve yourself with health and fitness, the more likely you are to stay focused and motivated. Read fitness magazines, surf the net for health articles, subscribe to a fitness newsletter – it all helps to keep the mind on the job and focus you on what you want to achieve.

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